Helpful Hints
Main Auction 

Auctions are the most effective fundraising method where there are a large numbers of people i.e. dinner, lunch etc.  


The greater the numbers, the broader the spread of product categories and price points which can be selected.


In choosing items consider the interests, team loyalties and potential budgets of people coming to the event. Where possible  canvas before the event to establish interests.


Donated items deliver high profit margins, but often need to be augmented by other auction items which cater for broader needs and hold more appeal, delivering a better return.


Numbers of items for main auctions vary, clearly depending on the event size. It’s important to hold the audiences attention and interest, so don’t make the auction too long or it will be boring and less effective.


Individual values of mains auction items varies, depending on the size and audience composition. In smaller functions such as Trivia Nights the value of mains might be those of silent auction items for larger functions.


Choose a proven auctioneer, some body you have seen work, or are strongly recommended. Provide a brief, with good product descriptions in advance. Give Icons of Fundraisings web details so they can study the products.


A close relationship with MC and Auctioneer keeps the event entertaining and profitable.

Good spotters are important to work room and make administration easy where there are multiples of items available, they can sell also to the under bidder.


Ensure attractive display of items using Icons of Fundraisings display easels.


Silent Auctions 

Silent Auctions are very effective and non intrusive. They allow large numbers of items to be displayed. Importantly lower priced items are in reach of more bidders.


Pick good position near exit to bathrooms/smoking.


Make sure tables are adequate to effectively display.


Let Icons of Fundraising assist to design bid sheets adding descriptions and your logo.


Close the silent auction after the main auction is completed to allow to under bidders having another go


Buy only Authentic Products


Ensure your supporters and patrons are buying authentic products, licensed, with copyright photos.

Like Icons of Fundraising your “brand” is too important to risk by potentially selling fakes to patrons.


Quality Presentation

To optimize profit the product has to present well. The potential bidders need to be attracted to the presentation. For instance a jersey unframed or poorly framed will receive little interest.

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